Weekly Fishing Report: (09-28-2023)

We are closing our doors on the first of October, so we thought we would leave you guys with a final fishing report. 

Where to Fish: The whole Upper Rio Grande has been fishing excellent. All the way from Del Norte to the Rio Grande Reservoir. Early morning fish have been pooled up in troughs and deeper water due to cool evenings(lower water temps). However, we are seeing a crazy fluctuation throughout the day in water temps. So by about 11am, fish have started pushing more into riffles, fast water cuts, shelves, and oxygenated parts of the river.

What time to fish: Fishing has been solid all day, no reason to hit the river super early. As water temps are solid all day even with the fluctuations. 

Nymphs: Stonefly nymphs, caddis pupas,pheasant tails,midges, and balanced leeches. Some of our current guide bugs are the black pat’s rubber leg(#10 & #12), olive peribomb(#16), BH jigged flashback pheasant tail(#14), zebra midge(#18), and a balanced leech bruised(#10). 

Dry flies: There are lots of BWO’s out and about. Especially on the upper river(Creede to the reservoir). Also, a few terrestrials around. Some of our current guide bugs are high vis BWO patterns(#16 & #18) and Stream bank hoppers(#10). 

Streamers: The brown trout are definitely in prespawn behavior, streamer fishing has been unbelievable. Olive and Black sculpzilla’s(#6 & #8) have been doing the trick. 

Update: Continental reservoir road is fixed! You can now access it via car!

We want to thank each of you for your support this year. As we had one of our best seasons yet, thanks to you guys. During the offseason feel free to reach out, we may be closed but it does not mean we are not around to help out. We will be back for good on the 15th of April. We look forward to the 2024 season and what’s to come.