Weekly Fishing Report: 06/19/24

Where to fish? As of right now the entire river is still floatable. We are seeing flows drop off the table however and the Oxbows will be the first on the chopping block. Anything 300 CFS and lower at the 30 mile campground river gauge and the Oxbows are un-floatable due to water level.

The Salmon flies are sporadic on hatching right now but they are all upstream of Palisade Campground all the way to Rio Grande Campground above Creede. Lower down river we are seeing lots of golden stones and drakes. If you are the lucky one that happens to go through a grey or green drake hatch on the lower don’t think about switching your flies to match the hatch, do it. Just do it.

Anything above Palisade campground and the rowing is getting sporty. Rocks are exposed and the rower will have to be paying attention. Nothing is above class i-ii but there are plenty of strainers and rocks to avoid.

Wade fishing is starting to come into play and it’s a cool time to do it. The collar area right now has a lot of mayflies and an angler wouldn’t have to wait too long to see rising fish. 1 mile above lower collar on river left had quite the show the other evening on rising fish. Slowly work your way up the bank wherever you are wade fishing and look anywhere from 6 inches to 10 feet off the bank for risers. Yes, 6 inches off is host to a lot of feeding fish right now so don’t pass it up.

What time to fish? Bugs are coming off hard around 10:00 and the water slowly drops through the day. This may be the trickiest part about the Rio right now. It really is a right place, right time kinda thing. because hatches are sporadic, the fishing is too. If you are having slow fishing, wait 30 minutes or switch spots. The fish will let you know when they are on.

What to use! Let’s start with Upper Collar down. You can still get them on the big foam bugs but higher success is coming from golden stone patterns and mayfly patterns. Grey drakes and mahogany cripple patterns are great when you get on a mayfly hatch. For those of you who are learning bugs, mayflies are the ones with straight up wing cases and the long extended bodies. They look like sail boats on the water and when they hatch they come off thick. Mayflies hatch out of shallow riffle water so you can increase your odds of seeing them if you set yourself up right. Before perfecting the color of your fly selection, get the size and profile right. If you have the right profile you will have fun.

When we say fish a cripple pattern we are talking about a very low riding, low vis, hard to mend mayfly pattern. A film critic is a great example. If you don’t have a great supply of mayfly patterns the all around saving grace fly is a Parachute Adams. If you don’t have some of those it’s time to open the pocket book and buy some or get in front of the vice and tie them. You’ll wish you did!

Upper Collar up all the way to Rio Grande Campground is hatch central right now. Caddis, Salmon Flies, Golden Stones, PMD’s (mayfly), Drakes, Etc.. The bag is open up river right now. Watch the fish and pay attention to how they are eating bugs. Are they really splashy eats (caddis) or violent explosions on the surface (stoneflies), or just a nice slow sip where you are seeing them over and over and over (mayfly). Nothing obviously is set in stone with a way a fish eats but following the above sentence won’t lead you far off.

Where are the fish? Right now the fish are everywhere. Some are pushed up hard on the bank and others are hunkered down in the heavy water. A of the salmon fly eaters are off the bank in the heavier water and your mayfly and caddis eaters are in the riffles and tight to the bank. If you aren’t catching fish, change the type of water you are fishing and then change flies. A couple feet into the heavy water sometimes will change your day.

If anyone has further questions or wants to talk fishing, come into the shop. We understand if you can’t make it to the shop but we do like talking face to face with people looking for information! Hope this fishing update helps you go out and catch more fish!

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