Weekly Fishing Report: 06/12/24

Where to fish? It is that time of year! The entire river is in great fishing shape, and every section is fishing well. The majority of bugs are down river right now but with the decrease of flows over the next few days the bugs are going to pop in a big way. The only section to be cautious of floating right now is WWG. The flows are still big to get under the bridge.

What time to fish? Bugs are coming off hard around 10:00 and the water slowly drops through the day. Evening time is prime time dry fly fishing.

What to use! Break out the big bugs baby! Plenty of fish are keying in on salmon flies on the surface. There is a lot of caddis right now as well and the fish have been putting on a feed tight to the bank.

Where are the fish? Right now the fish are everywhere. Some are pushed up hard on the bank and others are hunkered down in the heavy water. We have been seeing more fish pushed up on shallow riffles and sand bars anticipating bug movement.

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