Weekly Fishing Report: 06/01/24

Where to fish? 1,400 CFS is being released out of the reservoir right now but the water is fairly clear. Any float is fair game right now but we highly advise people to avoid putting in at WWG and floating through the railroad bridge.

What time to fish? There is no need to race people to the ramp right now. Fishing from about 8-4 is prime time. If the mornings stay cold then there is no reason to be on the water before 8:30 – 9:00.

What to use! Because the Oxbows are filled in right now and the water is breaking away river bank we have been using a lot of worms. That’s right, worms. Love them or hate them, they are catching fish right now. We have been throwing dry dropper rigs and the big dries are getting some attention. A peacock or royal chubby in the riffles will raise some heads and get eaten once in awhile.

We like to throw dry dropper rigs through this section in order to get your bugs tight to the bank. You can do the same with an indicator rig but the light dry fly allows for tighter loops on your cast and better accuracy to get your bugs tight to the bank.

The prince nymph and 20-incher have been doing the job as well. Fishing these off of shelves or rocky banks have been producing fish.

Where are the fish? Right now the fish are everywhere. Some are pushed up hard on the bank and others are hunkered down in the heavy water. We have been seeing more fish pushed up on shallow riffles and sand bars anticipating bug movement.

The fishing should break loose in about a week. As the river clears and outside temps rise, we should start to get caddis and small mayflies hatching. Shortly after that we should get the main event with salmon flies and big drakes. If you need day of info, please call the shop and talk some fishing! We look forward to you stopping in!

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