Weekly Fishing Report: 7-27-2022

Rio Grande River: The Rio Grande Drainage has been seeing a LOT of moisture in the last week. We are still expecting the majority of our rain in the next 48 hours. With that being said, the river is muddy. Around 2:00 PM it starts to clear up but is still stained. Up that tippet size! No need to throw anything except 3X and 4X. Fish are still looking up in shallower riffles and eating hopper patterns. Gray and light green have been working well for colors. Anything size 10-16 should do the trick for hopper patterns.

Because there are no hatches going on right now, most of the feeding is taking place sub-surface. With the stained water, red Copper Johns, Pats Rubber Legs, or flashy blue euro flies seem to be the ticket.

Streamers! Streamers! Fish have been going after streamers really good in the last week. Its important to cast your streamer where there is clarity (right off the bank) and put erratic action on it. Big strips, rod twitches, verticle movement. Black and tan, black and purple, and olive streamers have been working well. Anything 2-4 inches long is on the menu.

With all this being said. The fishing is still very productive. 8:30-1:30 seems to be the sweet spot for catching fish. Because we have been dealing with warm water temps our guides are all half days and off the water by 2:00. Lets help protect the fishery and get off the water when its above 68 degrees.

Creek Fishing: All the tributaries of the Rio Grande are starting to be green tea colored or clear, (excellent for wade fishing). If you’re someone who loves creek fishing we would suggest throwing hopper-dropper rigs. Copper JohnsLighting BugsPrince Nymphs, and El Diablo’s should work just fine for droppers. Any Standard hopper or stonefly dry fly should work great on top. Some of our shop favorites are ChubbysFuzzy Wuzzys, the Parachute Hopper.

All flies mentioned in our Fishing Reports are sold at Rio Grande Angler. Stop on in and have someone from our team show you around.

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For the rest of the summer there will be weekly fishing reports so tune back in for more information!